Week 2

Melbourne’s famous fast changing weather was on display over the last two days. Yesterday we were treated to a northerly wind that brought dry warm air from one of the biggest, hottest, driest places on earth–the Australian outback. Overnight the freezing winds from the southern ocean (one of the coldest, windiest places on the planet)(…)

Here comes the bride, all fat and snide

Here comes the bride, all fat and snide

 My first week at the Rocky Bully has found me in the paper more than any of my stories, lucky the second week is turning out different.  I blame Emma McBryde, past Jschool student and a downright scallywag.  Last Tuesday morning I was in the paper for the 60 seconds section. I had people in(…)

One week down, here’s to week two.

So, yes indeedy it is week two of my time here at the Sunshine Coast Daily. Day two of week two to be specific. It started well enough, I came in half an hour early to get a bit of work done (wasn’t writing my best yesterday, needed a little catch-up time) and found my(…)