My first week at the Rocky Bully has found me in the paper more than any of my stories, lucky the second week is turning out different.

 I blame Emma McBryde, past Jschool student and a downright scallywag.

 Last Tuesday morning I was in the paper for the 60 seconds section. I had people in the Hostel reading the paper and looking at me weirdly. A young Irish fellow questioned the legitimacy of my answers for half an hour. He didn’t believe I ate glue as a kid and wanted to be Han Solo, so thank you Emma.

 The most interesting thing she has made me do is posing for a photograph. I solely agreed to this next photo so that I would have a good story for the blog.

So, in advance… your welcome guys.

 Emma walked up to my desk and asked for a favour. Her model had pulled out and she needed a size 8-10 woman for a photo. Me being the eager intern I am, agreed.

 The catch? She needed me to wear a wedding dress. After watching my face drop she pulled a cheeky expression and pranced off, very pleased.

 Oh god, what have I gotten myself into? So myself, Emma and the staff photographer Allen, headed down to this fancy little wedding venue.

 I walked in and immediately freaked out. I don’t like white dresses. It’s safe to say I have a phobia of them and I was confronted with so many fluffy white cupcake dresses that I felt myself breaking out in a sweat.

 They asked me which type of wedding dress I would prefer and I honestly told them I didn’t care…with a smile and a laugh of course. They were not about to know my weakness.

 I discovered I wasn’t a very good model. I guess I’m little bit too rude and foul mouthed, especially for such an elegant dress… which cost $2000. At one point I fearfully heard something rip as I tried to move that damn train, its fine I didn’t break it.

 Most of my ‘modeling’ photo’s involved me thrusting or looking like Jesus, which Allen promptly distributed in the newsroom.

 Lucky me I was in Saturday’s paper. It was a half page photo of me attempting to look like a ‘blissful bride’.


 There were a lot of ‘insert husband here’ or ‘applications welcome’ jokes flying around all afternoon.

 Guy Williams, the sports reporter had the best call. He eloquently and politely pointed out that I was on the ten things ‘to do’ page.

Very funny.

When I got back to the office I had to play ‘Musical desks’ as the Chief of Staff likes to call it. I was allocated to sit at the sports desk and got to talking to the sports reporter, Guy.

 Note to self: don’t tell the sports guy that you don’t follow sport.

 But he’s been great, helping me out, asking if I want to go to a Basketball match. He was covering it on Saturday night and I politely declined. I didn’t want to offend him more with my lack of basketball knowledge, besides I had a date with shorthand.

  He even handed me my first proper story…on football. Oh the irony.

I went to a course on press photography with Nick Falkner on Saturday with journalists all across the APN family. It was really interesting. I had my photo taken again.

 On Sunday I went into the office again. I didn’t really see the point in taking a day off when I have nothing to. I didn’t want to sit a hostel all day. I had two stories in on Monday’s paper, then went to an Inquest into a child’s death. Tomorrow I have another story running, that story is a little random and I couldn’t be bothered telling it.

 End scene.