I’ve had this blog written for well over a week now but being technologically deprived I’ve just worked out how to use the blog.

As I’m sure you all already know my first week of holidays involved my show Limbus which I wrote (apparently) and directed (poorly) going to Melbourne.

 It was a part of LaTrobe University’s theatre festival. It was an interesting and surreal experience. I’m in awe that it went that far…I’m in awe that people laugh and enjoy my silly sense of humour.

To give background, Limbus is a quirky little comedy following the stories of four similarly aged women from different eras in history.  Penny a 60s foul mouthed alcoholic, Audrey a 40s straight faced woman and Fofo, a girl who pretends she’s a dog and Aqua the modern day protagonist.

 It’s a play about life, after life…but before the after-life. Follow?

 I arrived at our accommodation three days after everyone else and found my cast made friends with a group full of backpackers.

All of them men, of course.

They had been on a three day drinking bender in my absence. So being the responsible adult I am I gave them a curfew.

“Bed by eleven-thirty girls,” I said.

“But Muuuuuum,” they cried (yes in unison).

With all my good intentions I don’t know why I bothered, they didn’t roll into bed until two in the morning.

Alex, my partner in crime and co-director (not to mention the only form of testosterone in the group) told me he gave up days ago. There is no controlling them, on or off the stage. So we gave up.

The show ran into a few problems. First, the main actor sprained her ankle two weeks before the show she was in crutches and a cast.  The second fiasco was there was no smoking onstage, half the jokes and plot lines revolved around the character Penny smoking.

Panic mode.

As they say though ‘the show must go on’…  God I hate that saying.

 Despite that I wrote the script the girls love to change it, on the spot with no warning. I never know what they are going to do they never know what they are going to do. It’s frightening.

One night Penny walked into the audience and gave a lap-dance to an unsuspecting viewer. Another night Penny (again) in her scripted tantrum DESTROYED the set.

Paper was everywhere. Boxes were kicked to pieces. The oversized mushroom (yes, you read correctly) lay in pieces on the floor.  It was a tantrum that even the worst three-year- old could not match.

My crew dragged me onstage on the final night to give me a gift.

Being the shy person I am (believe it or not) I tried to run away but got held down, so I wailed in front of 60+ people.

It was an attractive sight; you all would have enjoyed it, I fanned my blushing face with my hand.

Between running mascara and numerous celebratory drinks I’m glad I went on the emotional and inappropriate ride that was Limbus.

I am now sitting in another hostel in Rockhampton about to begin my internship.

 I’ve been here a total of three hours and already have some interesting stories involving drunks, police and squatters…stay tuned.