My first day at the northern star went about as good as a

first day can go.

The editor had had his last day on Friday so the place was
being run by guy called Dave.

I was introduced to everyone and given two media releases so
I gave them a quick look and had a think on what to do with them.

Within about 15 mins Dave asked me if I wanted to go out and
write a story about the performing arts festival that happens each year at the
Workers Club. Was surprised they sent me out by myself, expected another
journalist to come but it was better this way. Met the photographer mimi.

My primary school used to perform in these festivals back
when I was younger so I got to see a few old teachers while I was down there
which was pretty cool.

Kids are always pretty cool so I got some good quotes about Antarctica

and submarines and the way Indians don’t like to use sun screen but

when it came to talking about their dance it was all one word answers.


Got back to the office, wrote the story and made some phone
calls regarding the media releases.

I expected the office to be the same as quest but it wasn’t.
The whole thing was different. Everyone talked and laughed and shouted 50

metres from one end to the other. I was expecting the silence again.

The next day was cool as well. Was sent out on two stories
to cover. One about Masterchef live and another about meals on wheels.

Both went smooth.

There was a 90 minute break between the two jobs so me and
mimi the french photographer had lunch in a Chinese restaurant in a town called
casino and a coffee until it was time.

For the record I had sweet and sour pork.

Plenty of sweet but lacked an ample amount of sour.

More like sweet pork I said to mimi.

She didn’t laugh

I blamed the language barrier because that was comedy gold.

She was the same photographer who I went with on the kid
story so in the space of two days I had enough time to get her entire life
story which was pretty damn interesting.

Gott back to the office around 330 and had 2 stories and a
vox pop to write up. I knew I wouldn’t be finished by my 430 home time so I
figured I may as well take my time

By the time I had got my voice recorded notes sorted it was
nearly 5 but I did the stories and vox pop fairly easily and was out by around

Had been a long day.

Wednesday was the same, sent out for stories. it was a
different photographer this time. mimi had some weekdays off because she works

I was meeting the photographer at the place and this time I
got to drive a Holden Astra to the job. It was a wagon and it was pimpin’. I
wound the windows down low and cranked the beats.

“Oo la la” the women swooned.
They sure do love their plain white 2005 Holden wagon astras.

The story was about the King James Bible 400 year birthday. This
blog is getting long so I won’t explain it but it was pretty cool.
Wrote it and another about a pet adoption day. Got out
around 6 again.

Thursday was the slowest, had to wait around until 11 for my
first job, was going to the opening of a solar children’s building. The mayor
was going to be there and I was supposed to interview her but I was given the
wrong time and missed the whole thing. Had spent a few hours waiting at the
office only to find I was missing the story.

Didn’t get back til after 1.

Was given another story about a pet census and something on
child abuse. Child abuse one is still a work in progress. On the pet census one
the chief of staff told me to try to make it funny. It was pretty hard. Took off
around 430 and told him I would get my humour on a home.

Friday was busy. The work was for the weekend edition which
is about 2-3 times bigger.

Drove to Alstonville for a story.

It was an old guy and he talked solidly for an hour while I tried to
think of a way to break the conversation.

Did something about father’s day, finished census story and did
a vox pop on stress.  Vox pops are hated
by the other people in the office but I don’t mind as long as I can get them
over with fast which i did with this one. Finished stories which should

run in weekend edition and put tally at 9 I think.  Didn’t
get out til after 7. Had been another long day.

Went to the pub after and had a beer.

Got home about half an hour ago and completed this.