Hey guys, Good to hear you’re all going well in the internships. How’s the coast Jo I was supposed to go back this weekend but I have more pressing matters at hand. You mustve had a wild internship there with the storms and the floods and that young bloke getting sliced in the face. It’s(…)

Day three going well

First off, Jo, I really hope Louis (sp?) is ok. That’s scary. Secondly, Jo, how do you do it? I’m worn out trying to get up in the morning, walk the dog, feed the horses, work all day, get home (1/2 hour drive each way) feed the horses, feed the dog, cook for Grandma, walk(…)

Well hi everyone

Okay so wow I thought I posted a few weeks ago – but obviously it didn’t actually ‘post’ – I’m sure you’ve all experienced that. So first I’d like to ask everyone if they remember John saying REALLY early on to check the spelling of people’s names carefully? Well how many of you noticed he(…)

Life gets in the way

Good morning all Thank heavens for a family friendly news room. My Big boy has had an asthma event and a meltdown in the absence of his mum. I’m returning to Brisbane tonight to sort the whanau (family) out. Returning to the Daily on Monday was so much better than the first week. Just being(…)


ah-ha, finally in after the system decided not to reject me after some awkward attempts to enter! How is everyone, your blogs are interesting to read. Anyway this is my second post, so i have a fair bit to say, here i go…. Last week was so much fun, got a front page story which(…)


ps means read after the other post but since it gets posted chronologically…you’ll get this first…one of my co-workers at the Whitehorse Star is from Toronto, studied at UQ in Brisbane, knows Desley and has heard of John and is now working in Whitehorse. That is a really freaky coincedence if you ask me. Anyway,(…)

too tired to think of a title

Had a great wedding (not mine), saw so many familiar and long lost faces, drank tasty wine and ate delicious salmon, have not looked at shorthand in three weeks and was not at all impressed when my alarm went off at 6 am this morning. Even my dog who normally loves mornings was not to(…)

A few things to remember

Take a pencil to record in the rain. Torn pages and barely legible notes do not a story make. Take your own coffe mug. The only ones available are the chipped stained ones under the sink that have sat unwashed for years and years and years. They don’t use the inverted pyrimad at the Daily.(…)

If at first you don’t succeed try try again

Well another attempt to make an entry to the blog was foiled by the dreadful sunshine coast weather. As I submited my entry the electrics in my apartment failed so once again a long chatty piece about my week has disappeared into the ether. Have had a good week . Lots of news relating to(…)

How not to start a story

I got to Whitehorse safe and sound and after a day of jetlag, picked up the two local papers to start sessing out issues. At first glance, layout is very different from Australia (very consistent page-wide layout), photo captions are different, headlines are centered. Then I started flipping through headlines. The first observed error in(…)

Third time lucky

This is the third time I have written and tried to post about my day. Keep accidently deleting. Both attempts were chatty and newsy ,you get none of that now too tired. Had a good day. Wrote a story about an 82 year old author and took photos for a street poll. Going to put(…)

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