ah-ha, finally in after the system decided not to reject me after some awkward attempts to enter!

How is everyone, your blogs are interesting to read.

Anyway this is my second post, so i have a fair bit to say, here i go….

Last week was so much fun, got a front page story which was on last friday’s paper. It was about a sausage competition in Grafton, haha.

I have also written a few stories. Which are fun!
If i have done all my other work i get media releases which i have to re-write but they are also fun.

I also have been doing a lot in the archive folder, collating together all articles which were written for a series called ‘not a drop’ about the water crisis and sending Clarence water to Queensland. The reason i was doing this is because the Daily Examiner is entering it into an award.

I have also been doing on a nearly daily basis, a ‘loving valley life’ section in the paper where I have to interview random people on the street about their hobbies and what they love about the clarence. You also take a camera with you to get a photo. (Just had to add that for John!)

Anyway that is all for now and i will blog again later because i am very tired…

Ciao Tameka.