Will everyone just s$%&-@#!

Everyone is back this week for crunch time. We have a full itinerary that kicked off with a discussion and role-playing on journalism and trauma, then t-line speed tests. Tomorrow is photojournalism. Wednesday is broadcast journalism. We have deadlines for the independent and I’m still trying to adapt to having to much blood in my(…)


I arrived on Thursday 16 August around 7.40pm. I was really looking forward to my internship at the Cairns Post and to go up north. I planned my trip in detail and I got a cheap flight ticket – so cheap that my luggage didn’t arrive. There I was, standing with a bag full of(…)

Back in the Class Room

Its been ages since i spent the day in the class room and even though i didn’t get in till the end of Desleys class the day wore me out. Teeline left my brain numb! The last few weeks I’ve been busy with broadcast training working Sky News and spending time with the sports crew(…)


Week two is half over and I have to say, they use way to many commas here. It is kind of like a comma addiction. They are randomly plunked down in sentences on a whim and used somewhat erradically. Half the time there is a comma before and in a list and half the time(…)


Hello everyone. How are you all? Hope you are all well. Robyn. It sounds like you’re having fun over in your home country, with your pets and grandma! And i’m glad to hear the wedding went well. Jo. I hope everything is all going well for you and the children are better? How is the(…)

Week one down

Today wrapped up my first week and I have to say, my experience here was a lot more relaxed than Joe’s! Today we all went home around 3:30 – 4 as we got the paper out around 1:30 and then, since its a lobg weekend and the paper doesn’t run unitl Tuesday afternoon, we all(…)