ah-ha, finally in after the system decided not to reject me after some awkward attempts to enter! How is everyone, your blogs are interesting to read. Anyway this is my second post, so i have a fair bit to say, here i go…. Last week was so much fun, got a front page story which(…)


ps means read after the other post but since it gets posted chronologically…you’ll get this first…one of my co-workers at the Whitehorse Star is from Toronto, studied at UQ in Brisbane, knows Desley and has heard of John and is now working in Whitehorse. That is a really freaky coincedence if you ask me. Anyway,(…)

too tired to think of a title

Had a great wedding (not mine), saw so many familiar and long lost faces, drank tasty wine and ate delicious salmon, have not looked at shorthand in three weeks and was not at all impressed when my alarm went off at 6 am this morning. Even my dog who normally loves mornings was not to(…)