Good morning all

Thank heavens for a family friendly news room.

My Big boy has had an asthma event and a meltdown in the absence of his mum.

I’m returning to Brisbane tonight to sort the whanau (family) out.

Returning to the Daily on Monday was so much better than the first week. Just being familiar with the systems and routine made walking through the door less scary.

Had to do a rewrite on a story because of weather and equine flu. It is interesting looking at a story and having to introduce a new angle. The original story almost gets discarded.

Writing a feature story wait for it …Senior Superstar. yep you read right.

It’s a piece about the benefits to the over 50s but in particular the 70s and 80s of this event.

Seems I’ve been found out and most of the stories I have written have a human interest and most have an element of helping the disadvantaged. Am I so transparent?

Well back to work . A feature and another story to write

On the Sunshine Coast