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Back home

Okay so I’m sick of planes and airports but it was worth it to see all you guys again. I’m still catching up with myself but was back to work today (public holiday in NSW yesterday). I’m really glad I passed shorthand… how did you all go on Monday? Any shorthand success updates? Work is(…)

Well hi everyone

Okay so wow I thought I posted a few weeks ago – but obviously it didn’t actually ‘post’ – I’m sure you’ve all experienced that. So first I’d like to ask everyone if they remember John saying REALLY early on to check the spelling of people’s names carefully? Well how many of you noticed he(…)

quotes on the wall at my internship

“Doctors bury their mistakes. Lawyers hang them. But journalists put theirs on the front page.” – Anonymous “A young reporter, told to cut down the size of his news stories, wrote his next as follows: Rodney Fenster looked up the shaft at the Royal Hotel this morning to see if the elevator was on it’s(…)

In the spirit of home!

Hey guys.. Just some observations to make following the announcement of the new Australian ‘Here & Now’ Monopoly board. I would like to remind you all it was decided by votes!!!! First point for my home-town: Broken Hill is on the board for NSW and Sydney missed out… and some of you hadn’t heard of(…)

Hey All

So I’ve had a terrible start to the week but I hope you all had fun at parliament today… and I’ll see you there tomorrow. Time is definately flying by…. we’re almost halfway through the year! Is anyone doing internships during the mid-year break like Joe and myself? It’s only a month till I’ll be(…)

Hello JSchool?

Was I the only one that heard John say to post on the blog or are you all having technical difficulties? I’ve been waiting to respond to something all break but nothing was posted!!! Where are you JSchoolees? Hope everyone is well and I shall see you in the morning. Katrina

MEAA Student Industry Day

So today we all went along to the Alliance student day at the library. Even though I still wasn’t feeling the best, I found the day informative and interesting. It was good to hear about how journalists got their foot in the door (even if the beers scenario can’t work that well for me). It(…)

Hey All

This is my (Katrina’s) test comment. 🙂 How often do you all plan on posting on here? I wasn’t there Thursday morning so I’m not sure of the details … is this for specific purposes or for whatever we deem fit? Btw, if any of you do want to learn a language the place I’m(…)