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Hello Past and Future Jschoolers, It has been a few months since Jschool 2007 ended, and I thought I’d give a bit of an up-date on how the diploma has helped me. I was offered probably three or four journalism jobs in communities ranging from the Crowsnest Pass in southern Alberta, to Thompson in northeastern(…)

Jo, you are right!

Hey Jo, I hear you on the $28,000 a year. It’s hard to justify a job that doesn’t pay the bills… I hope you have a wonderful birthday in New Zealand. Nothing beats home. Say hi to the Duchess for me. And congratulations on the intern. I’ve been following your elections with great interest, just(…)

So long and farewell to Australia

So long, farewell, and to next year’s students, good luck. It has been a great year, but despite that, I’m ready to go home. My internships have ranged from Whitehorse, Yukon in Northern Canada to Launceston, Tasmania–about as far apart as I could possibly get–and I’m travelled out. It is time to curl up by(…)


Despite being sick most of my second week, and having had to go home (or be sent home) early most days, I’ve had an amazing time at ABC. I’ve loved researching science stories, and was able to pull two stories together into research briefs. The firs story I worked on was indoor air quality, which(…)

what not to do on an internship…

GET SICK!!!!!! They asked me to research a story on sick buildings for next year, which was all fine and dandy until I came down with a flue yesterday. The joke is partly on me for researching sick building syndrome, being in a sick building (although theirs is far less toxic than the one I(…)

Week one reflexions

Week one is nearly done, and I must say, I’ve had fun. It only took me a day or two to figure out I was siting beside and across from the reporters (the faces on TV), who by the way, all have cubicles–no special perks. I’ve read more science stories than I can remember and(…)

Internship No 2

Day two of my internship is done and I have to say, I’m loving it. What could possibly be better than researching science stories all day? Catalyst has a staff of about 20 or 25 people to create its weekly half hour program. There are five reporters who present the stories, production people, editors, program(…)

Will everyone just s$%&-@#!

Everyone is back this week for crunch time. We have a full itinerary that kicked off with a discussion and role-playing on journalism and trauma, then t-line speed tests. Tomorrow is photojournalism. Wednesday is broadcast journalism. We have deadlines for the independent and I’m still trying to adapt to having to much blood in my(…)


Week two is half over and I have to say, they use way to many commas here. It is kind of like a comma addiction. They are randomly plunked down in sentences on a whim and used somewhat erradically. Half the time there is a comma before and in a list and half the time(…)

Week one down

Today wrapped up my first week and I have to say, my experience here was a lot more relaxed than Joe’s! Today we all went home around 3:30 – 4 as we got the paper out around 1:30 and then, since its a lobg weekend and the paper doesn’t run unitl Tuesday afternoon, we all(…)

Day three going well

First off, Jo, I really hope Louis (sp?) is ok. That’s scary. Secondly, Jo, how do you do it? I’m worn out trying to get up in the morning, walk the dog, feed the horses, work all day, get home (1/2 hour drive each way) feed the horses, feed the dog, cook for Grandma, walk(…)


ps means read after the other post but since it gets posted chronologically…you’ll get this first…one of my co-workers at the Whitehorse Star is from Toronto, studied at UQ in Brisbane, knows Desley and has heard of John and is now working in Whitehorse. That is a really freaky coincedence if you ask me. Anyway,(…)

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