Had a great wedding (not mine), saw so many familiar and long lost faces, drank tasty wine and ate delicious salmon, have not looked at shorthand in three weeks and was not at all impressed when my alarm went off at 6 am this morning. Even my dog who normally loves mornings was not to be dragged from her comfy pillow. But it was up and off to the Whitehorse Star to start my internship, and yes Jo, I was nervous. Last night my brain was going through all the things I should have researched and checked and didn’t get to.

Today went great. The people were friendly and fun. The office was a classic, stereotypical news room (old furniture, dusty, desks but no partitions–think exact opposite of the AAP offices). The reporters and editing staff work up stairs while the printing press occupies the entire lower floor. There isn’t so much a meeting as a stop by the editor’s desk for your daily assignments (I’ve got a few to work on over the next few days). Oh, and the paper is one of only 4 independent dailys in Canada and the only one owned by a woman. She is a total character and John, I’m inclined to interview her instead of the editor who is still on holidays. And did I mention its an afternoon paper? Mornings are increadibly busy as printing deadline is 1:30. then everyone gets a lunch break and works on longer term stories in the late afternoon.

And I truly appologies for how badly written this is. I can barely keep my eyes open but am on horse, dog and grandma duty for the week. I’m off to feed the ponies then will be joining by dog in slumber land. Hope all of your internships are going well!