Take a pencil to record in the rain. Torn pages and barely legible notes do not a story make.

Take your own coffe mug. The only ones available are the chipped stained ones under the sink that have sat unwashed for years and years and years.

They don’t use the inverted pyrimad at the Daily. They have a system of reader first and each item is a story in the real sense.

Try to restrain yourself from wild jigs in the news room at the discovery of your name in print and an unchanged story with a great headline. It will give you away for the fraud you feel.

I didnt win on Saturday night, someone from Griffith did. I am prepared to take a back seat this year but next year I can enter the ‘Young’ journalist of the year.

Carolyn Tucker, daughter of Doug and staff member at the Daily won Journalist of the year.

On a personal note cause I cant help myself. I’m going to France next year YAHOO.

The Sunshine Coast is very sunny this week.

Hope everyone is having fun.