First off, Jo, I really hope Louis (sp?) is ok. That’s scary. Secondly, Jo, how do you do it? I’m worn out trying to get up in the morning, walk the dog, feed the horses, work all day, get home (1/2 hour drive each way) feed the horses, feed the dog, cook for Grandma, walk the dog, check on the horses, do my homework (I learnt today why I seriously need to do shorthand), feed the horses, visit with Grandma…I’m bushed. Thank god Mom is home tomorrow.

So, that aside, I got my first by-line today. Very exciting. Other than adding a paragraph of background I missed, and changing some things to present tense (things you can do with a afternoon paper), it was really cool. The lady at the grocery store thought I was crazy for buying 4 papers until I explained I wrote one of the stories.

The other great thing has been talking to people I know. Talked to my grade 11 english teacher today. He had to phone back to appologize for not recognizing my name and thinking I was elsewhere even though his son was one of the groom’s men at Tyler’s wedding in which I did a reading…and then there is the inevitable “are you Gerry and Lorraine’s daughter?” But that really makes it fun. The stories are the same and new and so I’ve had a great time and can’t think of anywhere I’d rather do my first internship than at home even if the morning are around zero and I’ve had to dig out a touque (warm hat) and scarf.

Joe-how is Bundaberg? And Janni, how are things going in Cairns?