Well another attempt to make an entry to the blog was foiled by the dreadful sunshine coast weather.

As I submited my entry the electrics in my apartment failed so once again a long chatty piece about my week has disappeared into the ether.

Have had a good week . Lots of news relating to rain, floods and car crashes.
None of the stories I have written and I have written a few have made it in yet but they are human interest pieces and have not made it through the flood of weather stories.

My street poll did get in this morning and my photos have appeared all week. No byline though.

Have stuck my nose into everything. Chatted with the designers and subing team. Invited my self to the news meetings at midday. Been to court. Did anyone see the story about the elderly chap who was ripped off by the 38 year old blond?

Have worked longer hours than I have for years finishing some evenings at six. looking forward to going home tonight.

On a non news note . There is no direct transport from Maroochydore to Brisbane. I would need to catch two buses from where I am staying to Nambour and then catch the train .
Jolly poor I think!

Hope everyone else is having a good week .

Read your piece on the discovery of a rare tree while I was on line Joe. Can i get your autograph? How’s it going?

Well off to do another street poll so will check in later.

How is all the Teeline practice?

On that cheerful note ,ciao