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too tired to think of a title

Had a great wedding (not mine), saw so many familiar and long lost faces, drank tasty wine and ate delicious salmon, have not looked at shorthand in three weeks and was not at all impressed when my alarm went off at 6 am this morning. Even my dog who normally loves mornings was not to(…)

How not to start a story

I got to Whitehorse safe and sound and after a day of jetlag, picked up the two local papers to start sessing out issues. At first glance, layout is very different from Australia (very consistent page-wide layout), photo captions are different, headlines are centered. Then I started flipping through headlines. The first observed error in(…)

Journalism is…

…a license to ask questions. If you see something unusual or interesting, you can ask questions–sometimes for stories, some times for curiosity (which could always become a story down the line). The other day, the poor garbage collector made the mistake of getting out of his truck while I was jogging past. This resulted in(…)

Listen to your editor!

Last Thursday we went down to the Independent offices for a demonstration on sub-editing. Don walked us through what sub-editor does–winge, winge and winge, err…edit, correct and fix. He then showed us how his software worked, how he adjusted font, format, layout and size. Although, I think the best part of the morning was when(…)

Things you should know about John

1) He always has his camera handy and is ALWAYS snapping pictures…I have a rather large collection of pictures of John taking pictures; and 2) As I sit here looking up three or four different things John has told me to go look up (based of course on questions I foolishly asked in class), I(…)

Issues of style

John, Desley and I have had some discussions over style and syntax over the last few months. So, I’ve been consulting Canadian publications…I’m not crazy! We do use periods in abbreviations (such as Rev.). We also dearly love our commas, frequently using them before and (as a link of ideas in a sentence)–cross checked in(…)

Questions on ethics

A responsibility for objective, un-bias reporting, that is what journalists are taught. Unfortunately, we all have our biases and they creep in to written work, often re-enforcing stereotypes and prejudices. For me, one of the biggest ethical issues I see in reporting is stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists. Newspapers are quick to point out if(…)


I have a beef to pick with today’s headlines and am wondering if anyone else was slightly offended by it. There was a tragic accident in Cherbourg yesterday where a 24-year old woman and a 6-year old boy were killed. That unfortunately is a sad reality and there have been a few such cases over(…)


Joe that’s horrible news, well for us that is. But big huge canadian CONGRATS. Amazing opportunity for you. Have fun and you know I’ll have to come visit and borrow a space of floor now that you are staying somewhere cool, or at least, somewhere I haven’t been to yet. As for me, I’ve avoided(…)

Coming together or unravelling fast…

I was going to write something serious but that entry of yours Tameka is going to be hard to beat! laugh. But in all seriousness, as the first semester gears up for a splash ending–hearing the Dalai Lama talk–I’m struggling to keep tabs on everything that’s going on, not to mention my huge backlog of(…)


At the start of semester, we all attended a career fair for journalism students. Every presenter emphasized and re-emphasized the need to do internships and get practical experience. Nothing pads a resume better than hands-on knowledge. Of course, real experience can sometimes be harder to find than it sounds. I had a really lucky break(…)


I’ve been to a few government sessions over time and always found them rather boring. Fearing that I might not stay awake, I armed myself with a large coffee and lots of doodle paper. For once, I was proven wrong. Water and climate change (issues near and dear to my environmental heart were on the(…)

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