Joe that’s horrible news, well for us that is. But big huge canadian CONGRATS. Amazing opportunity for you. Have fun and you know I’ll have to come visit and borrow a space of floor now that you are staying somewhere cool, or at least, somewhere I haven’t been to yet.

As for me, I’ve avoided all things school related for the last two weeks. I can safely say the drought is over having spent nine days driving in rain. I can also say–it gets *#$(@)? cold in Australia–found snow at Blackheath (not what a Canadian wants to see in June). Oh, and really, I think everyone should try driving a Wicked Van. Not only was everything temperamental–sometimes the back door opened, sometimes I got locked in the driver’s side, some times the key got turned off at 90 kph (stretched my leg and bumped the key), and sometimes, just for the hell of it, the police will pull you over to do a breath test…something about the slogan on the back saying “God made alcohol to keep the Irish from ruling the world” and the fact that my speedometer was out by about 10 kph so I was actually driving about 20 under the speed limit…Anyway, you really all should try it some time… 🙂

Now, I need to go find some heat and sun for a few days so I can thaw my fingers out enough to type and write for classes next week!

Hope everyone is enjoying their break.