1) He always has his camera handy and is ALWAYS snapping pictures…I have a rather large collection of pictures of John taking pictures; and
2) As I sit here looking up three or four different things John has told me to go look up (based of course on questions I foolishly asked in class), I realize, John may or may not know the answer but his solution is to make future journalists due their on digging–well, I’m on to you John and I have a great website that plays Oh Canada! over and over again so by the end of class tomorrow, everyone (including me) will know the lyrics in French and English and know the entire history of South American country divisions whether you care or not!

PS: Joe, how is Bundaberg? I think Mitch is starting to feel the strain of being the only guy in the class—miss yah.
PSS: Katrina have a safe drive and avoid the roos (I haven’t seen enough of them in the wild. Plus, you forgot the big roo bar of the front of the land cruiser!). But seriously, enjoy Broken Hill and keep us posted.