My two final days at the Queensland Times had the most pace: final wrap-up of my stories, pic stories, vox pops, and an interview with the editor.

It was a thrill to finish the final interviews and write-ups for three stories I had pitched last week. I’ve not had active feedback on my earlier work so I look forward to receiving it on these. The biggest buzz (and endorsement) would be conversion to by-lines.

News conference notes:
Discussion on how to report suicides: straight up with respect, or, “there’s been an incident” plus “ring Lifeline, as needed”.
Bullying: Tread carefully for a fair, balanced view of any situation.

Claudia agreed that the practise of photography is worthwhile: a reporter can never know when there will not be a photographer near by.
How does one photograph a healthy breast awareness program for high school girls without being cheesy? (Answered during today’s photo shoot.)

Thanks, QT.