Today John mourned the loss of a former QT journalist to the ‘dark side’ of PR. (I heard Darth Vader and the imperial forces offered more money and advancement.)

I recall a recent article in The Australian which stated there were about 19,000 journalists to 16,000 PR officers. It’s time to run the numbers again.

The highlights of Days 3 and 4 at QT are doing “street talk” (vox pops) and the occasional pic story with a photographer. I’ve asked for other work to do, but the daily stories are given to the QT reporters.

Upon conclusion of further interviews tomorrow, I will wrap up the stories I pitched… and await their possible publication.

I’ve been reading, with interest, the posts by those at Bowen Hills as I will be at the property section soon. My extra week with News Ltd photojournalist/s is in doubt due to recent job cuts – but I will know for certain tomorrow.

Freelance journalism may be the way ahead – although competitive!

Benjamin Law said during his freelance journalism workshop last weekend that Australia has (one of) the highest magazine readerships per capita, but he couldn’t cite the source. It’s an interesting statistic, if true, with an interesting slant now that German company Bauer have purchased ACP magazines.

The good news is my feature on Lord Howe Island is now in print: