Well, did I say yesterday that today would be another day and therefore a new story?

I was wrong… Indeed, I was literally glued to my chair, struggling to translate 600 words from French to English but also answering question to the editor who wanted some clarification. I had a break of 20 minutes for lunch and stayed in front of my computer from 9am to 6pm. It confirmed one thing: I won’t work in a newsroom!

Ah! I was going to forget, I needed to get some pictures for my story but as I didn’t even think I would do a story about myself I didn’t take my hard driver!

As a result I spent 3 gruelling hours on Skype with my great Korean flatmate, he plugged my hard driver and shared his screen with me so I could some pictures! It goes without saying it was after work. Thanks the technology.

Eventually I finish my story and started others, I’d like to do something different than stories about me or about France but that what I’ve been asked to do!

Tomorrow WILL be another day!

Good luck to everyone.