Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight…

For the past two days, I have volunteered at a community radio station down at Victor Harbor (a beach town about an hour out of rAdelaide).

Now, while it hasn’t been as intense as my two week internship at the sunday paper, it certainly has been interesting and a great learning curve in radio.

My first afternoon was spent in the studio, watching and listening to one of the volunteer presenters.

Heather, a 65-year-old presenter, starts off every show with ‘Afternoon Delight’ – a cheeky beginning for a community radio station supplying music to a sleepy country town!

My second day was equally as interesting, presenting my first show with Rod. I got the chance to pick out the music, work with the switchboard (the big red ‘on’ button was great fun to press!), read the weather and present community service announcements.

I then sat in on a show, Counterbalance. This show is presented by two men, one of whom is a senior journalist.

The show was great, with phone interviews and a lot of research going into the issues that were discussed.

It’s unlikely that in my three days here that I will meet all the volunteers (of who I gather there are a lot!!) but those that I have met are a considerate and slightly quirky lot.

My day ended relatively early, so I headed to the beach and walked around Granite Island.

In all, it was quite a delightful day! Especially with the sun shining all day 🙂

Tomorrow I will be heading into the studio for the breakfast show, speak with the program manager and present my own show for two hours!!

Then I’ve organised a meeting with a journalist working at the town’s local paper, giving me an opportunity to see what it’s like working in a rural paper.

But now I must sleep, got to be ready for the 6.30 breakfast show start!!

Sleep sweet!