It usually goes one or two ways when my career response to people is to be a newspaper journalist; “That’s awesome. Good job.” Or, “Why? Newspapers aren’t even going to be around in the future.” The second response, to no surprise, always leads to a heated discussion.

Regardless of what the future brings, and contrary to other people’s beliefs, I believe that newspapers aren’t going anywhere.

Yes, the future is changing and less people are purchasing printed editions of the newspaper, but as long as there is news to tell people are going to read about it.

Technology may be advancing, but so is journalism.

Newspapers are going digital with many already having websites, Facebook pages, twitter accounts, and even Instagram accounts.

So no, I will not change my career path.

This is what I want, this is what my dream is, and this is what I strive for every day. I won’t let the opinion of someone else convince me otherwise.