Solo Travels

Solo Travels

With the ease of international travel and the range of social media technologies at our fingertips, it’s no surprise travel writing has become so popular amongst professional and amateur journalists alike. As someone who has recently returned from an overseas trip, I can see the appeal in documenting your experiences for others to see. There(…)

Writing Dream

One day I would love to get a chance to purchase a work visa to visit New York City. Work at The New York Times, it sounds just amazing. Get a chance to trudge the concrete City pathways and capture every story i can to make a difference over in America. It’s definitely going on(…)

Bastille Day

84 killed, truck mowed over a crowd in such an incredible event. Bastille Day was interrupted by a viscous terrorist. This is the second terror attack, can France get a little peace. This tragic event has booked every time on the TV for weeks. Every state has payed tribute towards France especially Sydney showing the(…)

Traveling makes you rich!

Well, this trip now lives in my memory and heart forever. God that sounds cliché, but this experience with Contiki was, and will never be like any other. It all started with a phone call, an offer to go on an all expenses paid trip to Greece and Turkey. After taking a few seconds for(…)


  For a city girl I naturally get a little bit freaked out by the idea of spending the weekend away from anywhere that’s not near shopping centres and my favourite local cafes. I guess you could say my natural habitat lies in the big smoke they call Sydney.   I’ve been meaning to step(…)