For one of our assessment we had to interview someone with an interesting story I found myself drawn to my own mother.

Listening to my mother for the last 35 years I have found her life to be quite remarkable.

Growing up in a physically, emotionally and sexually abusive home at a young age, she lived in a few girls’ homes. (some of her friends were taken to the same places seen and heard on TV show “Love Child” which is currently being shown)

While I listened more intently now that I am older and somewhat wiser during the interview I couldn’t help but be saddened by what her life was growing up.

My mother said to me “life is full of choices.”

After surviving breast cancer for the last 8 years and knowing all about her childhood into adulthood I can safely safe that yes, life is full of choices.

When people go on trial for molesting their child or a child the defence lawyer will more than likely bring up the fact that the offender grew up in an abusive home and it is the reason why he abused.

“What a lot of rot,” my mother said.

Her eyes looked straight at me and said “the choice….those people make to abuse is pure bulls***….if they thought for one second to themselves….I never want my child or a child to ever go through what i did…they wouldn’t abuse.”

“But they CHOOSE to abuse…they made their own choice nobody but themselves,” my mother firmly said.

What I found out by interviewing my mother is loads of stories some quite remarkable and some really sad.

I like my mothers’ motto “always forward never back” it is something I will be striving for, for the rest of my life.