Governments use Terrorism and the Media to establish more power.

Since 9/11 the Australian Government and the media have perpetuated fear of terrorist attack in our daily lives, enabling an acceptance that our Government can promulgate our fundamental human rights. The repercussions of the media focussing on every major event as a terrorist attack, inadvertently allow Terrorists to instil more fear in our lives and(…)

Is the media contributing to the doctrine of terrorism?

The world mourns the tragic events in France on Bastille day. World media has flocked to Nice to report on this tragic event, Terrorism, the leading headline. Did the media perhaps miss the point and only aid the hysteria over Terrorism? Was this instead, a horrific criminal act of Mass murder? As I write this,(…)

The Slump

‘He bit off more than he could chew’ will be my epitaph. I can just see it now. Maybe I’m going through a mid-project crisis but this feeling is all too familiar. Today began with an interview with Dick Smith regarding his recent support of Julian Assange. This was followed by conversations with John Shipton(…)

Credit Where Credit’s Due

I have always admired and respected Journalists, in particular television journalists. Watching the news was a daily ritual in my family home growing up and still is. The journalists really became “part of the family”, a welcome addition to the home for that half hour or hour-long bulletin. If you could rely on nothing else(…)

Journalism in the Age of Terror

The devastation in Nice yet again reminds us of the delicate and temporary nature of peace in nations that are founded on love, acceptance, understanding and freedom. Even when we make each other angry, only the most depraved resort to wishing death on another in the free world. Rather we resolve our disputes with civil(…)