It’s un-Australian

We all know unions are unAustralian. Unaustralian? UnAustralian? un-Australian! That’s more like it. Hang on, at the beginning of a sentence it should be Un-Australian, except in this instance it’s not. un-Australian! Bugger. We all know that just like homophobes, poofters, terrorists, racists, families, churches, Halal Certified party pies and the Irish; unions are un-Australian(…)

Working on Radio

Before starting my course in journalism, I started to work at a local radio station as a radio presenter. After eight weeks of working on radio, I have found that it is one of the best jobs i have ever had and it is such a good learning experience which i am sure will come(…)

Finding a Journalist Job in Australia

Hey all I have not long started my diploma in Journalism and so far i am absolutely loving it. I decided to learn Journalism. I have to say since i have started, i have absolutely been hooked, Finally i have found that passion for something and when you have passion for something, You find the(…)