Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Earlier this year I was on vacation in Kerala, India. Over rice and curry and Kingfisher longnecks I got to talking to a Russian bloke. He was ex-military and the conversation drifted to recent geopolitical events involving Russia and the West. He was adamant that the Russian media was reporting facts and that Western media(…)

Sport in Newspapers

When I was living in the UAE and UK, boxing stories featured quite heavily in daily newspapers. Many lead stories were fight reports or breakdowns of upcoming fights. Even fighters who were from outside those countries would have stories written about them. In Australia a lot of people don’t know fighters from outside Australia, which(…)

Ethical Journalism and Writing

Currently I have two lives: one as a journalism student, the other as an animal attendant. In the world away from writing, learning and chasing stories, I look after dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rats at my local shelter, cleaning, feeding and showing these homeless animals some TLC before they finally are adopted. All of(…)

Telephobia in the Journalist Student

As a journalist student, you’re expected to make lots of phone calls as part of your training. But what happens if you have phone call phobia, or as it’s also simply known as, phone phobia? (Well, its ‘technical’ name is telephobia). Don’t laugh! It’s a real thing. This makes making a phone call to get(…)