Interviewing a complete stranger

Finding a story is one thing, but when you are asked to approach someone you don’t know to see if there’s a story of interest there, that’s altogether another thing. Okay, everyone as a story! Yes, that’s true but where was I going to get that story? Easy, so I thought, and it usually is(…)

A protest or a prop?

A few weeks before the last elections I went to a local protest rally endorsed by GetUp. I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to get a story for Newsbytes. I arrived early about 7.30 am. There were a handful of people already starting to roll in mainly older people wearing hospital gear in(…)

Who’s the Boss?

  Journalists often complain about bloated government departments, but major organisational change can be difficult to instigate and even harder to implement. Why not start small? After all we’re only student journalists. How about bloated government PDFs? At only 30 pages long, the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s Media Interests Snapshot weighs in at a(…)

but is it really terrorism?

We see it in the news daily, that awful word TERRORISM, but when does an act of violence or selfishness suddenly become an act of terrorism? There are times, for example this weeks tragic event in Nice, when the ‘terrorist groups’ claim responsibility for the act of terror, yes, to me this is when we(…)