Ross Coulter, used to work for the Victoria State Library before his 10’000 paper planes filled the cranium-shaped, Reading Room, with chaos.

Thousands of paper planes were released from the towering, four-level gallery in choreographed, unison. Over a hundred people participated in the performance that was filmed and photographed using nine different cameras.  Three huge photographs, showcased in the National Gallery of Victoria

I can’t help but wonder if the project was a tongue-in-cheek, rebellious act or an expression of the human mind… One thing is for sure, I never forgot it.

His self-portrait  ‘Aussie Jesus after Durer’ encapsulates the German, Renaissance artist Albrecht Durer, and the Jesus portraits of long ago.

Parody, seriousness, past and present, balance on metaphysical, ideology verging on fluxus art.

Coulter plants a kaleidoscopic, seed of ideas that sprout many different interpretations.

Long after you have left the gallery you find his art etched in the imagination.

His intriguing expression is enigmatic – as though we were looking at the Mona Lisa.

Just when you think you’ve got it, you realize, the art has you.