Goodes Enough For Me

Now that the name of Adam Goodes no longer invokes the mad capitulation of quasi-racism, can we sit back a moment and reflect on just what went on? “I don’t know much about AFL, but…” the Facebook posts would begin, as the endless procession of social media-ites who had never been accused of racism would(…)

Does the media do enough to in reporting Domestic Violence?

As a new journalism student, an issue that has increasing caught my attention is the media’s role in reporting domestic violence. Domestic violence has long been a fraught subject for the media with legal issues and cultural reasons meaning domestic violence was often not seen as ‘newsworthy’. However at least on the surface this seems(…)

I return from a self-imposed exile to the world of blogging. In the overdramatic throes of adolescence, I often wondered – nay, dreamed, doted, even – on the possible fame that I could muster from having my own blog. It was an incredible notion: I would receive recognition (and, hopefully, eventual payment) for doing what(…)

Disconnect is an understatement

One snippet sums up Bronwyn Bishop’s disconnect with the real world. Her spokesman was quoted at the weekend saying she had often preferred limousines because they could travel in bus lanes, thus getting her to places more quickly. Bishop’s view of her own importance as a public figure is breathtaking.

AMA President Brian Owler National press club speech

Brilliant observation of our very good health care system one we should be proud of in Australia and the world to copy. The key foundations must be followed to keep up the good work that is done by our medical professionals and support staff which includes nurses  cleaners cooks  etc all working in the health(…)