Our biggest paradox and luxury as human beings is our state of self-awareness. We recognize love is a vital element to thrive in any society, but we are more ashamed to admit we want or even need love from our parents, friends or a stranger than to confess we cheated on a test. We internally seek to be admired, understood and recognized for our best qualities. Those of us who are most ashamed to admit we want love or to even fall in love, are those who struggle the most. We live in secrecy; we are invisible. We silently hope that most people will recognize how beautiful we are internally, but oftentimes society sees no merit in those who are noble in silence.

See the thing is, people like me are unfit for this world.
We don’t hold grudges, we forgive and forget instinctually, and we see no way to give ourselves without compromising
our best selves. Overall we are criticized and held suspicious because we struggle inwardly rather than materialistically.

We prefer secrecy, because we ardently wish one person out there will accidentally find us, and confirm we are custom made for them. We think highly of ourselves and we need our love to signify their importance. Your are special because I chose you. You are extraordinary because I said so.

I will not deny it, such sentiments are a struggle of ego. Although, we prefer to be hidden, we privately admire ourselves with more depth than most human beings. We have confidence in our intellect, because we recognize that traits, such as compassion, forgiveness, and love aren’t consequently honored in our modern culture. Our society seeks individuals who can do and make things, preferably money. See, we are not doers, we are givers. Yes, many people love, forgive and have the ability to be kind, but they lack sincerity; when they execute these ideals, they’re merely temporary.

This is why the place in this world is becoming smaller for us, not in a global sense, but on a one-on-one basis, between friends, professors and potential soul mates.

At best, the most we can do is love. I can’t give you a million dollar house, but I can most definitely wake up at 4 in the morning to get you a glass of water and give you security that I have no intentions of changing my mind, because deceiving you is committing a crime against my innermost self.

All I have are my beliefs and confidence in how qualified I am as a human being .

You and I, we are the ONLY ones who explicitly distinguish that the soul and mind are one, this is why we live in a state of aloneness, not loneliness. We consciously and subconsciously exist in a condition of intermittence and beingnness. We struggle outwardly and inwardly with two halves: who we are and who we aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong, my philosophy is highly abstract because I am claiming there’s more merit in my beingness than in what I can give you. But just ask yourself this: my beingness, giving you a slice of my mind, isn’t that love, isn’t that sharing? Remember, I am giving you me. This is the most significant and valiant response a human being can actualize. I am here for you, I love you, I am yours, you have my time, my attention and my word.

Ultimately, I fiercely believe my beingness will revolutionize more than my physical expressions.