Technology Interfering with My Sport

Videos and replays are a part of a sports game now, but have we stopped relying on what we see with our bare eyes? Take for instance the 13th minute in State of Origin 2015 Game 2: Greg Inglis snaps up the ball and runs 90m down the field and makes a spectacular try. He(…)

Exotic Finland

Exotic Finland

If you’re craving solitude, silence and relaxation, this could be the place for you. During the early summer months at the end of May to September average temperatures are a comfortable 25°C. My suggestion would be to rent a cabin by one of the 187,888 lakes while you traipse naked from a soothing, fragrant sauna to enjoy the Finnish(…)

Final Days of Work Experience

It was so sad watching it all come to an end, having to say goodbye to the community, to the editor and to the journalists. It was an incredible experience. I had my work published, I was able to take photo’s, I planned my days out to finish my stories. In the final few days(…)