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Mornington Peninsula: Arizona by the sea

Mornington Peninsula:  Arizona by the sea

The winding, B110-Coast-Road, from Melbourne will take you past, pristine, beaches dotted with colourful, beach-boxes, fish-shops, restaurants and camp-grounds. About, 90km’s south of Melbourne is Blairgowrie’s, Pearse’s Beach, only a five-minute drive from the, natural Peninsula Hot Springs. The end of Victoria’s, bitter, cold winter brings a myriad of pleasant, surprises. A brisk, morning breeze(…)

Exotic Finland

Exotic Finland

If you’re craving solitude, silence and relaxation, this could be the place for you. During the early summer months at the end of May to September average temperatures are a comfortable 25°C. My suggestion would be to rent a cabin by one of the 187,888 lakes while you traipse naked from a soothing, fragrant sauna to enjoy the Finnish(…)