Videos and replays are a part of a sports game now, but have we stopped relying on what we see with our bare eyes? Take for instance the 13th minute in State of Origin 2015 Game 2: Greg Inglis snaps up the ball and runs 90m down the field and makes a spectacular try. He ran for over 10 seconds without a whistle only to have his try taken away from him from someone not on the field but from a video referee! So where was the whistle for those 10 seconds Inglis ran? If someone saw the play they should have called it when they saw it, or a second or two after, but no, they let him run! Did it take the video referee those 10 seconds Inglis ran to spot the move that might warrant a break in the play? So he stops the game for several minutes. The players lose momentum, their energy levels lag and they wait on the field twiddling their thumbs for a video to be replayed and replayed — is this really a fair call? Technology is starting to ruin a good game. Why don’t these video referees just go back to all those games that were played before they were made an integral part of a game — why don’t they go back and change history by going through every play of every game played and cancel every try or goal that was made after an error that was not visible to the naked eye. Why not.