Warped Tour Hype

Warped Tour Hype

On July 12, 2013 the much anticipated and hyped up Vans Warped Tour lineup was released.  The news of Warped Tour making it’s first return to Australia since 2002 was dropped on Australian alternative rock fans at this years’ Soundwave during American pop punk band, Blink 182’s main act.  For months Australian fans have been(…)

My worst interview

It’s been six years since I walked down this hall toting a ever decreasing baggy of breast milk for my teeny-tiny premmie daughter. Today, as I walk these same halls my heart pounds with anxiety—this isn’t the place any new parent wants to end up. Instead of the necessities of newborn life, I’m carrying my(…)

Cooking Channels That Leave You Hungry!

So, I know that I’m not the only one who comes home from a long day’s work, flop on the lounge and turn the T.V on. I, however, have a bad habit of switching straight to the food channel, here I sit craving the delicious five star meals they prepare. Now I am not one(…)

Clean Eating and Fitspo

I have noticed a growing trend in the last few years, or what the avidly dedicated participants would brand a “lifestyle change”. With the likes of Miranda Kerr, Phoebe Tonkin, and Gwenyth Paltrow growing increasingly popular and influential with age, their largely publicised lifestyles have become beacons of hope for the less than stellar health(…)

Youth Crime

Why is it when younger people commit crimes with an older youth, EG. two 13 year old girls and a nine year old girl broke into a railway station, only the older youths get charged. I think the younger one(s) should also be charged. How else will they learn what they have done is wrong???

Beauty of Arthouse, The

After witnessing the beauty of an arthouse film, the big screen list interests me less and less. All plotlines may go out the window when watching these marvelling films, for the plot is not always of significance. It’s the ability to watch the most unpleasant thing and see something beautiful. It’s looking past what stands(…)

Pink & Blue

I think it limits a child’s imagination greatly when one main colour is forced in their face from as early as birth, and throughout their childhood. Not long ago I attended a baby shower- a first for me. To my expectation, I was unamused at the sight of a single colour, plastered over everything. Present(…)

Life Lessons From “The Block”

I am addicted to The Block. Bare with me, this is going somewhere. Every night at 7o’clock, or 7o’block as a very overpaid marketing team would have you say, I sit down to watch the drama of renovation play out in front of me. I find myself judging these people on unfinished splash backs, lazy(…)

#1 Tip for movie reviews: Pre-buy your ticket

Even though a movie may have been released over a week ago does not mean that there will be an endless supply of tickets…even if it is the last screening of the night. It really should not be that surprising to be honest, especially when the movie involves the fabulous Brad Pitt, zombies and so(…)