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Fiddles, Features and Foot-long Subs

The Valley seemed very strange and unknown to me as I walked along, in search of my new workplace. Although, as the sun fell, the bright lights came on and I clocked out for the day, it seemed much clearer. The building was right next to the train station and surrounded by night clubs. I(…)

Beauty of Arthouse, The

After witnessing the beauty of an arthouse film, the big screen list interests me less and less. All plotlines may go out the window when watching these marvelling films, for the plot is not always of significance. It’s the ability to watch the most unpleasant thing and see something beautiful. It’s looking past what stands(…)

Pink & Blue

I think it limits a child’s imagination greatly when one main colour is forced in their face from as early as birth, and throughout their childhood. Not long ago I attended a baby shower- a first for me. To my expectation, I was unamused at the sight of a single colour, plastered over everything. Present(…)