Even though a movie may have been released over a week ago does not mean that there will be an endless supply of tickets…even if it is the last screening of the night.

It really should not be that surprising to be honest, especially when the movie involves the fabulous Brad Pitt, zombies and so much suspense you find yourself choking on it, but alas, I was the fool who forgot.

Thus, despite how excited you are to see said film, always remember to buy your tickets before you get to the cinemas, just in case and avoid any disappointment.

Not to say that the trip to the cinemas was wasted. The new Superman was pretty special, full of action and fire power, a big steamy kiss near the end. It would probably have been more enjoyable from further back than the second row. Somewhere in the middle where you don’t have to turn your head to take in the whole screen.
But again, not the flesh eating zombie thriller i was looking forward to watching and rating.

That brings me to tip #2: Get in early and get a decent seat!