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The last assignment

Only a few people are ever so lucky to fall in love with one job and be able to live their childhood dreams each and every day. Peter Weekes, news editor of the Northern Star is one of those few. When he had recounted his 20-odd-year career, one can’t help but to imagine him as(…)

Tears of a humble man

Today will be my last day of my work experience at the Northern Star. I don’t know whether it was the elation of seeing my name printed in a paper, seeing the community members light up at the chance to be interviewed, the small things that made the big news or just the whole job(…)

Day Two Drama

No, I’m totally kidding. Not about the day two part. Just the drama part. I just finished my second full day of  work experience at the Northern Star. BUT! There has been no drama. Literally. Zip. Nil. ZERO. It is utterly fabulous in the office. I am not sure what I imagined a news room would look like(…)

#1 Tip for movie reviews: Pre-buy your ticket

Even though a movie may have been released over a week ago does not mean that there will be an endless supply of tickets…even if it is the last screening of the night. It really should not be that surprising to be honest, especially when the movie involves the fabulous Brad Pitt, zombies and so(…)