I think it limits a child’s imagination greatly when one main colour is forced in their face from as early as birth, and throughout their childhood.

Not long ago I attended a baby shower- a first for me.

To my expectation, I was unamused at the sight of a single colour, plastered over everything.

Present time rolled along and I was startled at the sound of, “PINK?! Huh?” as one present discovered sported pink wrapping paper.

When did it all begin? Who assigned girls the colour pink and boys blue and why are we all so quick to accept that.

As adults we don’t restrict ourselves to blue or pink so why put such restrictions on children?

Why is it ludicrous for a boy to wear pink when pink once was a popular colour for boys?

Times have changed since then, but I think this time it may be difficult to change the mindset people have regarding the two colours.

The pink/blue limitations are everywhere I look; I can only imagine how segregated the world must seem to a child.