So, I know that I’m not the only one who comes home from a long day’s work, flop on the lounge and turn the T.V on. I, however, have a bad habit of switching straight to the food channel, here I sit craving the delicious five star meals they prepare. Now I am not one to get up and cook myself a meal that is fit for a king, it’s more like flicking the kettle on and filling up a hot cup of noodles. Yum!

I suppose once you are already starving and then craving the steamy, hot meals on the T.V you get up and see what is on offer in the cupboard. Your options are – a packet of Tim Tams, a can of tuna and last week’s lasagne … How appetising.

I guess the reason why this annoys me so much is because you get that hungry you end up not caring about what goes in your mouth, just as long as it fills you up and this can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and habit!

The cooking shows that are on T.V mean well, they provide the public with fantastic options that leaves your taste buds bouncing with excitement. However, on the contrary it doesn’t help the average householder at all, because let’s face it who has the time to get all the ingredients, chop it all up, and organise it nicely on the plate? Not me.

I would be happy with bangers and mash as long as there’s minimal cleaning, and my stomach is filled up. I am no chef nor do I have the time to put the effort in to learn all the ‘tricks of the trade’. But that’s just my opinion, good on you to whoever can make a 5 course meal, juggle their children, their career and that husband.

I will just stick to my noodles in a cup and drool all over the remote while watching the food channel. There will come a time when I personally settle down and have a family of my own, I will just make sure my man knows how to cook meal a lovely meal like on the T.V!

Problem solved, until then I will be having cheap and easy meals.