The Wynnum Herald buzzed with an air of urgency. “old” John, the salesman, was just about to doze in his chair, Pia, the graphic designer, wrestled to redeem frequent flyer’s reward points over the Internet and James, the ‘full time’ reporter squeezed a source about the importance of a weekend swing music festival.

The editor burst into the room and I knew the hunt was on. Flapping about in her hand was the lead for a massive page two story. Her urgency, intensity and focus dictated the room. “Good morning everyone, how was your weekend, hello John, wow it’s a loverly day” she said. My partner was already making preparations for the big lead packing the well used tools of the trade. Paper. pen, lip gloss, handbag, sunglasses. “LETS GO! we’ve got a story”, she said. Bight eyed and in a buzz I followed on.

Down to the Wynnum Herald high performance vehicle we went. I strapped myself in and the 1.5L Toyota echo roared, or rather purred, into life. The adrenaline was pumping and the types squealed through the bustling metropolis of Wynnum. And so the Nun hunt begun….