First stop the church. It was was abandoned today but evidence of recent use was all around. We fanned out to find signs of the elusive source. Thorough heavy detective work we traced the numbers of the gang leaders. “The contacts for the church administrators are: Kerry McDonald Ph 0748448484, Paul McIntire 5577575757,” the sign on the office door said. But we wanted to get to the bottom of this quickly, it was nearly smoko. Good local knowledge of the hood took us to the elderly home. After a quick interrogation of a staff member we were off to the convent.

The fight past the convent security was hard but the toughened experience of my partner won through: “Do you know sister Gerahty” she interrogated, “Ah yeah sure, ill just get her” the security guard replied.

The interview was intense. The hard questions were proposed and the replies carefully considered. A battle of the minds was a foot. “Would you like some tea, here is a photo of my grandchildren, loverly day, yeah i know when it’s going to rain because of my hip, would you like some tea, here is a photo of my grandchildren”. And so it went on for two hours. On a couple of occasions I had to leave the room to gather my mind as the intensity was unbearable.

When the interrogation was over it was back to the Honda Excel, back to the squealing tires and back to the office.

The copy ran from my mind like water from a cup. LOCAL NUN GETS OAM. tap, tap. tap,tap,tap on the keyboard. “Sister Gerahty remained modest today after receiving an OAM for”…. it read. Riveting.

I ran it into the editors office an she scrutinized it carefully. After what seemed like an eternity she responded….”uh hu” and went back to work.