Surprisingly enough, I have not been asked to get anyone’s coffee. I was rearing up my coffee making skills last week thinking that that was all I would be doing, but I was wrong.

I was also having nightmares about editors screaming at me, telling me that my love affair with capital letters and apostrophes were going to get me in jail.

Ok so maybe I was being a little over-dram, haha. Anyway the editor Nick Crockford and the staff of the Pine Rivers Press are and have been ridiculously nice to me. I haven’t been made to feel like “THE INTERN” (not once) but more like another staff member.

The sub-editor Julian said to me “It’s nice to have someone to help out,” which is probably why I’m not doing coffee rounds as they only have two journalists. But to sum up my days here so far, I’ve mainly been doing fillers – woohoo, community notices and writing up a few stories of my own.

I also know a lot about the area so they have been asking me stuff about my old school and what-not. But it’s quite fun, the only thing that I am not keen on is the sitting at your desk from 9-5 in front of a computer. But other than that I have been having heaps of fun. If anyone is looking to intern (no, Im not talking to you Jschool kids) I defs recommend PRP. 😀