On the fourth day, I had an interesting opportunity to go out to follow the photographer John to take some photos of people who enjoyed nice and warm spring days of the beach.
Some people seemed to have fun having ice creams, picnicking, or swimming at a bit cold water with their family, steadies or friends.

John walked to them and did his neat jobs.
He gave me some instructive advice when we took a photo:
Don’t take photos of children and teenagers without permission of their parents.
If we have some doubts, ask people whom you take photos of.
The second advice means we should talk with them about what photos they want to have taken and so on.

He used to be in tourism, but the job was not of interest to him.
He said he wanted to get a job which asks him for his imagination and creativity. Then he attended a photography course at a TAFE.
When I said I wanted to get a reporting job in Japan but I didn’t know I could, he encouraged me not to give it up and to keep chasing it.
His strong encouragement will be supporting me maintaining my efforts to be a creative writer and reliable journalist.