Media Creates Conflicts!?

From last September to early October, a US media report could have been likely to worsen the relationship between Japan and the United State. Are you surprised at this fact? The incident reported happened in my home town, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. An American father, Christopher Savoie, found his Japanese ex-wife did not come back from her(…)

This is Tiwi

Grand Final day on the Tiwi Islands and the mercury is above 35. The locals are out in force displaying mostly red, white and black colours but there’s a few with blue and white. Passionate about their football the Tiwi islanders became a little famous this year after an ABC documentary on their local team(…)

My internship week- the one and only

I went down to Sydney and Marie Claire magazine and all I got was the flu. I knew that my internship was going to be either a fabulous experience or a complete disaster. It turned out to be the latter. I could have been in a regional newspaper getting bylines like all the others but(…)

Week Two – Domination

Well that is probably an exaggeration, (Adrianno tells me I need powerful headlines) but I have felt much more confident this week as have found my niche, namely obsequios-sycophant-vox-poping-treeplanting-PR-spin-doctor. Yes, I’ve honed my interviewing skills and feel quite comfortable giving people the 20 questions,,, I’m not afraid to ask the hard questions dam it! Like:(…)