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Media Creates Conflicts!?

From last September to early October, a US media report could have been likely to worsen the relationship between Japan and the United State. Are you surprised at this fact? The incident reported happened in my home town, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. An American father, Christopher Savoie, found his Japanese ex-wife did not come back from her(…)

Friday – Toughest and Most Wonderful day

Fridays are happiest and busiest days every week. Blue and white collar workers works as hard as possible to finish their Friday’s jobs as well as Saturday’s and Sunday’s and to enjoy happy and relaxing weekdays. The staff at the Sunshine Coast Daily are also working so hard that they cannnot chat with their colleagues(…)

Following a photographer

On the fourth day, I had an interesting opportunity to go out to follow the photographer John to take some photos of people who enjoyed nice and warm spring days of the beach. Some people seemed to have fun having ice creams, picnicking, or swimming at a bit cold water with their family, steadies or(…)

Full of excitement!

On the third day, I have lots of fun at the Sunshine Coast Daily. I had a look at an interesting process of the photo modification and newspaper design. Very kind and gentle staff gave me detailed explanations. I had wrote a story on my life and perspectives to Australian culture and customs. The expression(…)

I killed a fish, and a wizard revived it

The second day of my internship challenge started with covering a Scouts story, which my supervisor Shirley gave me in the morning. Simultaneously, I have to chase another story about the difficulties the international students of University of the Sunshine Coast. I spent all the day making phone calls and writing those articles. Those processes(…)

Ohhh… Feature Story….

My first day of internship at the Sunshine Coast Daily passed like the storm which hit here today. I mean it was too fast to pass to clearly remember what happened. My supervisor, Ms Shirley Sinclair, gave me an assignment to write a feature story on the experience of international students staying in Australia as(…)

A possible radical change in Japanese political world – Part 2

Quiz 1: What is the similarity between Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gilard and ABC NEWS presenter Juanita Phillips? Answer: they change their own haircuts frequently. Quiz 2: What is more changeable in Japan than their haircuts? Answer is: Japanese Prime Ministers. Looking back at the history of Japan’s political world since the end of the(…)

A possible radical change in Japanese political world – Part 1

What do you associate Japan with? – Sushi, Tempura, Geisha, Ninja, high-technology, the world’s second largest economy, Tokyo – one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, Kyoto – a beautiful historic city… However,  if you were in Japan now, you might not enjoy them whether you were in Tokyo or in Kyoto. You(…)


Ten days before I joined Jschool, I arrived here in Brisbane. I have never been overseas for any longer than 20 days before this trip to Australia. It was raining on the day I got there and I wandered around the Queen Street Mall to find the places I had to visit for my ten-month(…)