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My internship week- the one and only

I went down to Sydney and Marie Claire magazine and all I got was the flu. I knew that my internship was going to be either a fabulous experience or a complete disaster. It turned out to be the latter. I could have been in a regional newspaper getting bylines like all the others but(…)

My very interesting week

So my first internship week turned out to be another holiday week for me. The Sunshine Coast Daily couldn’t take me so instead I was supposed to go to Brisbane News for three days. After my first afternoon they didn’t need me anymore… how nice. But the one afternoon that I did was very exciting.(…)

Few months to go.

Every time I spend some time abroad I come to realize what a great place my home country is. Australian seems to be so far behind in so many things and they are most patriotic people I’ve ever met. (Except maybe American) It makes me appreciate more my country and where I come from. Australia(…)

Paradise city

I had a chat with my brother before moving to the Land Down Under. We knew where Australia was but we didn’t have any idea about the people who live here. We were making jokes —  do these people even know anything about themselves?   We saw headlines in newspapers like “Who are we?” and the(…)