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Plastic Cup Politics

I thought it was about time to tell everyone what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks but before that I think you should all look at the Queensland Shakespeare’s Ensemble’s website. They seemed to have enjoyed my review so much they decided to put it up on their website. My first quote;(…)

This is Tiwi

Grand Final day on the Tiwi Islands and the mercury is above 35. The locals are out in force displaying mostly red, white and black colours but there’s a few with blue and white. Passionate about their football the Tiwi islanders became a little famous this year after an ABC documentary on their local team(…)


Not being able to come up with a new idea is a major hassle. Scratch that. Not being able to come up with a good idea is a major hassle. Everything I follow up just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I’m starting to think I’m cursed. Although bylines aren’t coming thick and fast I am(…)

Another day

Working on my stories today. Two have fallen through so that’s leaves one which is being held up by PR people. Hopefully I can make it through their barrier and get the gold. Got an interesting talk from the CoS about how to lay out a newspaper; mixing it up the content especially with a Sunday(…)

It all went quiet…

Not much to say. Tuesday is the start of the working week for the crew at the Sunday Herald Sun and it was to see a massive turnout. It wasn’t till about two in the afternoon that the room started to fill and the eager click-clacking of keyboards was heard all around. Got to pitch(…)

Vox pop, thy true name is devil

Sitting in the Mx offices finishing a little article on Neighbours characters getting their on Twitter accounts, I get whisked off by a reporter and a photographer to do a vox pop 40 minutes before deadline. The subject: “Wankiest suburb in Melbourne” The mission: Get seven responses each in St Kilda during the middle of(…)


http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,25904631-12377,00.html Bush crash? Desley could teach them a thing or two.

Bye Bye Bretty

I believe congratulations are in order for Bretty after being the first 09 Jschooler to get a job. As I think everyone already knows Brett is heading to South Australia to head the Naracourt(?) newspaper’s sports section. It will take some time to fill the gap he will leave but I’m sure if we can(…)

Where’d The Cheese Go?

After talking to one of my friends going to university in Melbourne, JSchool sounds even better then it did last year. Sam (my friend) is travelling two hours a day to and from uni to attend confusing lectures with people who barely talk to him. Comparing this to our three-day week, barbeques and excursions to plays and the opera and(…)