I thought it was about time to tell everyone what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks but before that I think you should all look at the Queensland Shakespeare’s Ensemble’s website. They seemed to have enjoyed my review so much they decided to put it up on their website. My first quote; Bu ya!



After recovering from graduation my dad and I hightailed it back to Melbourne Saturday night somewhat dazed and confused. Touching down I felt a stream of endorphins run through my body as the cool fresh wind blasted me and the thought of Home running though my head.

It wasn’t long before I was back in the usual haunts and needless to say Public Bar’s Monday night $1 pots was somewhere between epic and legendary. What followed for the rest of the week were days of trying to remember what I had done the night before and nights of forgetting what I had done that day.

This second week has been a bit more productive; chasing down jobs and sending out applications. Trying to get a hold of the Beat magazine editor has been a challenge but this Thusday I’m going to a Melbourne talent managers meet and greet where I should be able to corner him.

I’ve also applied for a volunteer position at the SYN youth radio station organising interviews for local bands. Good experience and I’ll get paid in free CD’s and tickets that I can review and hopefully sell to the street press.

As far as everything else goes life is just going on as usual. I just discovered The Wire which seems to be sucking away my time.